Green Eggs

For my CSIT321 Major Project I have created a mobile app for iOS and Android that’s a social network for recipes. Users can create recipes in simple steps and share them with other users of the app, in an Instagram like way. I’ve built a following system, commenting, likes and even simple notifications. Today marks the end of the development of the app. I’m not sure if I will keep working on it or not. As much as I would like to, I know that the Uni technically owns part of the app now, so if it would be difficult legally to monetize the app, and an app like this would need money to keep running.

Anyway, this next week will be dedicated to creating a marketing video and a technical video. Once those are done I will be posting them here. In the mean time, the app can be downloaded from GitHub here. The process for running on Android is a lot simpler than iOS. I’ve had success getting the iOS app working in a simulator, but I believe to get it working on a real device would require a jailbroken device.

There is also a marketing website for the project which can be seen here.

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