Category: Projects

Tempus Tours

This project was developed by myself and another computer science student for one of our subjects. The website is supposed to be “Uber for tour-guides”. It was developed with a React.js frontend and a Flask backend. Link:


This was my first time participating in the Game Maker’s Toolkit Jam. My friend and I put this together in 48 hours, however he was at work most of the weekend so the majority of this game was done by myself alone. The theme of this jam was “Out...

YouTube Scraper

A command-line tool written in Python to help you generate CSV files of YouTube data. I developed this tool as part of a uni assignment on data mining. Source:

Germ Warfare

Myself and a friend Fourbs developed a game together for Ludum Dare 46. The theme was “Keep it Alive”, so we decided to make a game where you play as a doctor, shrunk down inside a patient, killing bacteria and viruses to keep your patient alive. Play Germ Warfare...


I developed an insurance management application for a University assignment. Users can submit and view insurance claims that can be reviewed by an administrator for approval or rejection. Link: https://allinsure.edjones.meSource:

Sacrificial Defence

A space invaders inspired shoot-em-up developed in 48 hours by myself. Theme: Your life is currencyLink: Source code: Sacrificial Defence by Ed Jones...

Claustrophobic Typist

A typing game made in 72 hours by myself and a friend. Theme: Running out of spaceSource code: Claustrophobic Typist by Ed Jones...

Dunk Four

A game made in 48 hours by myself, including all assets (graphics and sound). The game is a mixture of basketball and connect-four. Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres Source code: Dunk Four by Ed Jones...

Libre Music

A fully functional music streaming program. Link: code:

Nans of Rage

A simple beat-em-up style game developed in 72 hours by myself featuring graphics done by a friend. Theme: Two Button Controls, Growing Nans of Rage by Ed Jones...