Category: Projects

YouTube Scraper

A command-line tool written in Python to help you generate CSV files of YouTube data. I developed this tool as part of a uni assignment on data mining. Source:

Germ Warfare

Myself and a friend Fourbs developed a game together for Ludum Dare 46. The theme was “Keep it Alive”, so we decided to make a game where you play as a doctor, shrunk down inside a patient, killing bacteria and viruses to keep your patient alive. Link:


I developed an insurance management application for a University assignment. Users can submit and view insurance claims that can be reviewed by an administrator for approval or rejection. Link: https://allinsure.edjones.meSource:

Sacrificial Defence

A space invaders inspired shoot-em-up developed in 48 hours by myself. Theme: Your life is currencyLink: Source code:

Claustrophobic Typist

A typing game made in 72 hours by myself and a friend. Theme: Running out of space Link: Source code:

Dunk Four

A game made in 48 hours by myself, including all assets (graphics and sound). The game is a mixture of basketball and connect-four. Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres Link: Source code:

Libre Music

A fully functional music streaming program. Link: code:

Nans of Rage

A simple beat-em-up style game developed in 72 hours by myself featuring graphics done by a friend. Theme: Two Button Controls, GrowingLink: